How to make a carpet in Sketchup and Vray

An old way of creating carpet in Sketchup and Vray, which can be useful for those newbies. I have posted this long time ago @ and they found this so very useful. Eager to learn more? Follow these simple steps:

1.Insert a pillow from this link (click image below)


2. stretch those four edges for a carpet look

3. and then stretch down the height approximately 10mm high

4. apply your favorite carpet diffuse material (texture position as your preference scale)

carpet diffuse map

5. open the material editor, look for the linked carpet material and check bump and displacement

6. bump settings (multiplier = 0.6)

displacement settings (multiplier = 1.5)

bump/displacement map

7. open the render options change the settings as per image shown (these settings where the real carpet will occur, the value 2 for the edge length (pix) should be the thickness of your carpet strands, the value 0.8 for the amount will be the length of carpet strands)

8. i made a room for this tutorial

9. and apply floor and wall material (interior lighting were set-up already at this point)

10. Insert some components

11. finished product


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